Superior Design


JANUS™ Superior Design Process

Customizing the interior of an aircraft is similar to the design of a custom home or yacht.  Full customization includes every aspect and decision made by the owner, from the floorplan to the seat design. 

Superior quality and value are immediately recognized in a fully custom aircraft. Manufacturers limit the design ability to achieve such customization, around 60%, whereas JANUS™ permits 100% full customization. The details and the uniqueness of the aircraft become very apparent once the aircraft enters service.

The design process is where JANUS™ truly builds value for its customers.  The JANUS™ design process and experience is very similar to a new aircraft purchase.  During conceptualization, ACL works with the client to define the client’s personal style and tastes, followed by a detailed discussion of updated floorplan implementations, and finished off with concept renderings to ensure the customer is receiving exactly what they desire.  Next is the definition period. ACL finalizes the floorplan in accordance with the decisions made during conceptualization, details of the interior furnishings and monuments, and finally a bill of material specifications, ensuring a thoroughly planned out process for completion.

During the last design stage, JANUS™ defers to ACL to do what it has successfully done for more than 15 years.  ACL will handle the completion management of your JANUS™ modernization.  This includes overseeing the interior build, ensuring quality control during installations, and maintaining the delivery of an aircraft that is successfully realized.  ACL has delivered completion management services for more than 125 business class aircraft, including: more then 80 Global Express, XRS, and 5000 aircraft or 15% of the total fleet. Extensive experience is vital to complete your JANUS™ upgrade and modernization on time and on budget.