Superior Service

The JANUS™ Program focuses on transcending aircraft from the past to the design and comfort of the future. By achieving this transformation through a low principal investment, aircraft owners can realize great value, while charter operators can realize increased revenue and an improved bottom line by offering the latest available passenger amenities.

Experienced Team

The JANUS™ program is offered and supported by Aerospace Concepts LLC (ACL).  ACL has managed more than 125 completions of large business aircraft and VIP airliner conversions - including over 80 Global Express, XRS, and 5000 aircraft or 15% of the total fleet.  ACL employees have a minimum of twenty years in multiple aircraft completion / modernization disciplines.  At ACL, we have established relationships with the leading completion centers, giving your aircraft the priority and attention to detail it deserves. The JANUS™ program leverages ACL's in-house engineering and aircraft modernization experience to provide superior value.

Value Enhancement

Convert your vision into reality with the JANUS™ interior design service.  Artistic cabin and exterior renderings, sample soft goods and wood veneer selections, and secure cost savings lend aircraft to complete customization that meet the needs of aircraft owners.  Further, high attention to detail is administered throughout the process to achieve the desired look and finish.  ACL personnel provide full time representation at completion centers and maintain on-going communication with your aviation department.  Value enhancement principals are designed to deliver the aircraft you are expecting and enhance your aircrafts resale value.

Web Based Reporting System

ACL keeps you informed to the progress of your aircraft with an industry unique web based reporting system.  The reporting system provides in depth visibility and up to date status reports on your aircraft.  Our clients have 24 hour access to review project status, reports, and on going activity on their aircraft.  The web system allows the client the ability to monitor the quality of the interior refurbishment work including: aircraft aesthetics, design, construction, and exterior paint.  ACL's unique reporting system helps to ensure the aircraft delivered meets or exceeds Client, ACL’s and completion center quality standards.